Last Messi´s proclamation as best player in Brazil World Cup have caused surprise all over the world. It is clear for the majority that Messi´s performance on the pitch was poor, at least if we compared it with his normal performance in the last seasons.

Holding to speak about Marketing yet, I think that this Golden Ball Award is more a setback that a conquest in Messi´s career. It is kind of an humilliation, because a player who is worth four golden ball in a row , all of them due to his own merits and a performance that excelled over all players in planet football. does not need to be hovered over the top of football against common sense, because it is hindering and undermining his image instead of boosting it.


Here is where Marketing starts to play a role. Adidas is the main sponsor both FiFA World Cup and Leonel Messi. This coincidence sparked a stream of controversy involving the proclamation, because it is the first thing that show up in people mind when such a decisión arise in front of their eyes.

Adidas marketing  investment is suppose to be done to get more engagement and brand awareness. Is this kind of decisión prone to favor Adidas aims?

The obvious answer is NO. Then, it makes no sense that Adidas is behind this decisión, because if it does, it is a short-term decision that is going to damage its image in the long run.

Homing in on Messi again, this situation is like a lack of confidence on its pitch-performace recovery, because if you do really trust on his return, you will simply let time goes by , because sooner rather than later Messi should be back.

Sponsoring such a high profile event is expensive,  marketing responsibles need to get a return on investment that is worth this amount of money, but you have to think of the strategy, brand values and long term brand image before trying to convince to the board of directors of the company.

Obviously, these are merely conjectures, but neither Adidas nor Messi have achieved anything good with this prize but more pressure to rebirth as a world class athlete.

Good Luck Messi. Good Luck Adidas, my favourite sportive brand.



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