Real Madrid´s Communication Policy

These days we have been flooded with lot of rumours and theories about what is the reason of Cristiano Ronaldo´s sadness. We all would agree with the fact that this new has become into the most commented and important event regarding to Real Madrid, a circumstance that got worried dozens and dozens of Real Madrid´s supporters.

At this point, the question which arises is: If you were the responsible person of Real Madrid´s communication policy, How would you deal with this information ? Would you decide to report about this new, jumping at the chance of conveying transparency and commitment with your supporters´ interests, or, in contrast, would you decide to conceal it and try to distract with irrelevant news?

Real Madrid chose the second one, the day after Cristiano gave us away his surprising statement, I came across the club´s official newsletter, in which there was no reference to this new.

If Real Madrid wants to turn its communication channels into a reference to its supporters, it is compulsory to share relevant content with them, because if it doesn´t do it like this, the majority of their supporters won´t take into account its channels when they want to catch up with the breaking news related to the club. It very simple.

It is something which calls enormously my attention.We are talking about the club which has the higher incomes level in the world, and a very important spending in a large range of communication channels. At hence, it seems to me that with this policy the club is wasting the opportunity of positioning itself as the most reliable source of information for their supporters. We cannot overlook that it is the own club which has privileged access to internal information.

What do you think about this?

2 Responses to “Real Madrid´s Communication Policy”
  1. you are not right dice:

    It’s a newsletter where the Club communicate how the most important player feel after scoring 2 goals and win the match, that is what Ronaldo said in the mixed zone after the match . Obviously, this communication channel is not a yellow journalism media where the objective is not to talk about the personal lifes of the players.

    May be you know something about journalism, social media or networking… but in my opinion you really have no idea about football market is and, even more, how a football Club in Spain should communicate relevant sport information. This is a serious Newsletter, not a non-official news trying to sell curiosity, ‘noise’ or non-professional content.

    By the way, it is the most consistent football Club in its communication.

    • I totally respect your point of view about the topic, but I tried to make a reflection about how to deal with the information that supporters care about.Anyway, I consider that if you want to be the reference for your supporters and they to take into account the official media as the main information source, yo cannot look to other side and behave as if nothing happen. By doing this, you lose credibility and a great chance to convey transparency. It is not about yellow journalism is about what supporters are really concerned. You can inform about what´s going on in a professional way, i don´t, you will loose traffic to your media channels and therefore opportunities to engage with your target. In this case, the headline in all media channels was Ronaldo is sad, but in the newsletter, ¨Ronaldo is happy…¨, I think you can not treat your supporters as children, you must report about your club by sharing relevant content with them. It is very simply, the headline could be: ¨The club have not any information about last comments involving Ronaldo´s supposed sadness. We are very confident about their future in the club¨.


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