Bosco: Useless Notoriety or Smart Marketing

These last days we have been talking about how bad the marketing strategy carried out by Bosco sport brand has been, with respect to the offical spanish olympic team sport clothes.

But the question which arises is: Would Bosco have achieved so much brand awareness if it had done a good work with the official equipment?

I state that the answer is NO.

Nowadays, a very good way to obtain publicity and spreading of your brand content is by designing relevant or attractive content in order to get it shared, but getting this is very difficult because there are many brands trying to achieve the same thing. Other possibility is turn your content  into viral due to its bad features or simply, because of people make fun with it. In this case you gain extraordinary notoriety, but a notoriety very difficult to convert in cash.

This is what common sense tell us, and above all, because we are living in a period where sharing, co-creating and collaboration have taken over the control of many brand strategies.

For explaining this, a very good example is Threadless, a brand with a business model where designers submit their proposals so as to get  them shared. Afterwards, the brand shares the proposals  with its community and ask it for advice,  to choose what designs are more liked. The best ones pass to be produced and sold, and the design makers have a fee in return. That is a very good example of what crowdsourcing is. Well, so Bosco is completely the opposite.

Many brands ask their customer for advice  on Facebook about what is their perception about forthcoming products, new feautures or likes or dislikes about them.

Here I share some pills about how customers pressure can force to a company to part with new products or designs. Some years ago, Athletic Club de Bilbao had to call off the release of its official equipment which was to be used in the uefa competition. Last year, Sporting Club de Gijón had to remove its second equipment because of it looked like ridiculous to its supporters, and recently, in the last Football Eurocup, Adidas order to produce again the Spanish shirt because it had a mistake almost invisible on its shield.

But we cannot argue that if  BOSCO wanted brand awareness they have achieved it. Its challenge is now how to move on the brand positioning to another place where making money was possible. In contrast, we come across news like this, where we can see that the brand is meeting goals out of Spain. Not to mention the fact that its official website doesn´t let to browse in Spanish, what is a clear sign of how important Spanish Market is  for the Bosco´s strategy.

A thing is clear and doubtless, if Bosco would have wanted to gain so much brand awareness as they have got with these designs, they would have had to invest a huge amount of money.

Therefore, time wil give us the answer, and spanish athletes will suffer the equipment in the meantime.



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