Olympic and interactive games: London 2012

Five days remaining for the outset of the London Olympic Games. Four years since Beijing´s edition, a short period that has rapidly gone, but a long period in terms of disruptions, which ranges form technology to communication disruptions.

In these four last years we´ve run into social media platforms and smartphones, which even though truly existed four years ago, its spreading  all over the world is going to turn this Olympic Games into the more interactive ones in history.

Every olympic year we come across a lot of information talking about how newly are the forthcoming edition, with respect to changes and cutting edge innovations that they bring to us, but i strongly think  that in this edition we can state that we are taking part of an authentic revolution in the way people live the games.

Olympic Games in particular and by and large sport events take adventage of this changes because of their special nature , thanks to which they are able to produce experiences, images and emotions as no other event.

People  enjoy sports regardless of their nationality or social strata , they simply show up together in the spot and start cheering and encouraging.

Twitter has hit upon with new ways of living sports,  empowering TV broadcasts, letting them getting more engagement with their audiences and providing them the chance not only of being in touch, but creating and co-creating content, sometimes more liquid than what is produced by the TV show ( i mean more sensisitive to be shared).

#Twitter Uses

Twitter, despite the fact of its simplicity, take us aback because it has a lot of uses which are the secret of its exponential spreading in the recent years. Twitter has come to stay here, and to be part of our daily routine, at least for a representative frame of the population in the digitalized world.

Trendic Topics and  hashtags has become into familiar words, and they have resulted in a fresh air to either brands and  information and comunnication industry, which were in the need of  making up new features  to get refreshed.

Lot of consumeres keep up with new features and platforms, and they are avid to follow through them and spread the word.

One of the basis for Twitter success in sports events is that sport players are who create and share relevant content, broadcasting images and information very attactive for fans,  because of it is information given away  by the event´s main characters. They are not official images, at which everybody can access, they are  a kind of confidential information you are specially invited to check out. It isn´t really like this, but it is a similar feeling  as a result.

Live broadcasting can establish conversations with the audience, making contests and taking away real time information about what is going right and wrong with the programme.

As we can see in the  upper picture, the Program BBC Free Speech carried out an online survey about the feelings and opinions that people watching TV had,  meanwhile the programme was going on, in order  to check the audience´s opinion.

Related with Twitter, a webpage that has attracted my attention  is The Olimpic Athletes´s Hub , wich  is a seeker of  athletes´s twitter and facebooks accounts , as well as provides a Q&A place for athletes that can be followed. It is an evidence of how important is becoming to be social media in the sport scene.


Smartphones have made possible the deveplopment of a vast variety of apps that let users know what´s going on in sports events and getting access to a huge range of multimedia services, which definitely break into the usual way of approaching to them.

Let´s have a slighty look at some of the more interesting ones.

Official Apps:London Join In and London Results. These both apps are available now at Apple Store, and provide information of upcomings events and recomendations about what to do or see if you are phisically in the Olympic Games.

Other Apps: There are quite more apps, one of which have a good appearance  is BBC Olympics. It provides live and on demand video in UK, being a very good option to those who prefer a more dynamic way of following the event.

Briefly, four years are quite a large time if we speak of technology and innovation, therefore, what can we expect to come acrross in four years time??

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