Iker Casillas, a personal brand suffering side effects

Iker Casillas, like others sportmen, has an important share of his incomes coming from advertisement and image rights. The world class goalkeeper has symbolized in the last years the perfect athlete, a top football player with such a shiny performance on and off the pitch. We all have a personal brand, a bunch of values … Sigue leyendo


Last Messi´s proclamation as best player in Brazil World Cup have caused surprise all over the world. It is clear for the majority that Messi´s performance on the pitch was poor, at least if we compared it with his normal performance in the last seasons. Holding to speak about Marketing yet, I think that this … Sigue leyendo

Alineando la dirección deportiva y de marketing en un club de fútbol

David Packard, cofundador de Hewlett Packard, postulaba: ¨ La cultura de marketing es demasiado importante para hacer recaer su aplicación, exclusivamente, en el departamento de marketing.En una organización realmente orientada a los mercados, no se puede saber quienes son los que trabajan en el departamento de marketing.Todas las decisiones de las personas de la organización … Sigue leyendo

Real Madrid´s Communication Policy

These days we have been flooded with lot of rumours and theories about what is the reason of Cristiano Ronaldo´s sadness. We all would agree with the fact that this new has become into the most commented and important event regarding to Real Madrid, a circumstance that got worried dozens and dozens of Real Madrid´s … Sigue leyendo